We specialise in the finest Western Australian produce and carry a variety of cuts and variation for many meat products.


Sourced from the South West. Our beef is hand picked by our supplier to meet our specifications. We then age our beef for a minimum of 3 weeks.


We only supply locally produced lamb because, in our opinion it is the best lamb all year round. It is grown in WA’s South West just like the beef we source.


We stock local WA produced Lilydale Chicken. It is free range and RSPCA accredited and therefore tastes like chicken should without any nasty additions.


We only supply female free range pork grown in WA. There is a big difference in the pork on the market and you will certainly taste the difference.


We have a big range of sausages which we regularly update. Our specialty sausages, are made at our shop. This gives us complete control over the quality of product we supply to you.

Speciality Items

We provide a wide range of speciality items to challenge the chef in you or if you just want to have something a bit different. Most items are available at all times, but it can be best to call to make sure we have it in stock, if not we can always order it in.

Gluten free

We supply a big range of gluten-free products including most of our sausages. All our products in the shop are clearly marked as gluten-free